This highly-reputed and acclaimed International event, The International Medical Summer School, the largest of its kind in the world, is aimed at helping medical undergraduates develop a strong clinical, academic and research portfolio that will help them to pursue a career in a competitive surgical or medical speciality on completion of medical school. The Medical Summer School provides a sound platform for enthusiastic and motivated students, offering the fantastic opportunity to interact with leading clinicians.​ Delegates will also improve their knowledge of the recent advances and future developments in various specialities. In addition, delegates will be exposed to the principles underpinning global health practice and gain an insight into the numerous opportunities offered by the profession…Read More..

The place to come if you want to know what happens after medical school!

Professor David Rowley, B Med Biol, MD, FRCS (Ed), FRCS (Glas), FRCS (Eng)
Professor of Orthopaedics and Trauma Surgery Director of Education at the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh Visiting Professor of Surgical Education - Edinburgh University Formerly, Head of the Department of Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgery, University of Dundee; Deputy Dean of the Medical Faculty, University of Dundee

Fantastic concept! There is a real need for such innovative programmes that will help the current medical students to understand and appreciate different careers, and help them choose what is best for them.

Mr Ravi Goyal, MRCS (Ed), FRCS (Orth)
Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon Royal Blackburn Hospital

A very well structured and tailored course that meets the needs of current medical students. I am sure this course will help the students understand the pros and cons of every competitive medical/surgical career!

Mr Nandan Haldipur, MBBS, MSc, MRCS(Ed), AFRCS(I), FRCS (Gen Surg)
Consultant General/Vascular Surgeon, Doncaster Royal Infirmary

This course was amazing! I had a great time, obtained crucial knowledge for my future medical career. What is more, the organizers are so kind and full of energy. I recommend this summer school to everybody! This course gave me wings for my future career. Not only did I gain new medical experience, I had an wonderful social experience as well. I met people from all over the world and got to compare education in my country with the education pathways in their countries

Tea Ferenc
University of Zagreb, Croatia

Great course, it was well organized, lectures were from top class doctors or academics… It was an extraordinary event for me, thank you to everyone at Doctors Academy!

Antoni Okninski
Medical University of Warsaw, Poland

The organizing committee and volunteers were extremely helpful, willing and energetic during the whole duration of the event. Lectures had a solid scientific approach, were adapted to the knowledge of the students regardless of their year in medical school and provided a very accurate insight on specializing in the UK..

Mr Nikolaos Ioakeimidis
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece

I thought the organisation was excellent. Everyone involved was enthusiastic, helpful and very friendly.

Esther Wilson
University Of Dundee

Actually far more breadth needed!Really good idea, very useful & relevant to me although I haven’t started medicine yet. Very easy to follow lectures,although some lecturers were far more engaging than others. Staff friendly.

Olivia Allwood-Mollon
University Of Leeds

Excellent. Lecturers all turned up,excellent opportunities to ask questions & interact. Fantastic emphasis put on research & careers.Something that is not really taught in the curriculum. Overall fantastic job. Social events were good. Well done.

Emma Joanne Badger
The University Of Birmingham

Very well organised. Staff extremely friendly & helpful. Lectures were all relevant and short and to the point.Socials were really enjoyable.

Jandat Fatima
The University Of Manchester

Organisation: top!!! – school & social events. Teaching: some top and some more top. Presentation: Top

Claudia Bors
Charite Universitatsmedizin Berlin

Overall I felt that the course was very well organised. All the speakers were friendly and approachable

Nadia Hussain
University Of Leicester

I found that the organisation was excellent and the quality of teaching and presentations, very useful for the future. Was very valuable to be able to talk to so many doctors etc in many different specialties. All the student leads were really friendly and made the week really fun.

Lauren Coupe
University Of Nottingham

Very well organised, great quality of speakers and I would love to help with organizing the next course

Hussein Taki
Universities Of Bristol

Very friendly faculty & definitely useful for future career ahead.

Amir Tan Mohd Amin
The University Of Sheffield

Very well organised and professional.

Andrew Wright
The University Of Sheffield

The course seemed very well organised. There were always people to ask for help. The lectures seemed well planned.

Syeda Rafia Ali
University Of Liverpool

Run by good friendly people and was good to see the registrars and other doctors come to the social events, where it would be possible easier to get a  personal account and opinions as to the difficulties they faced as well as their road to success.

Sathyan Nagendram
Medical School Outside

I believe the surgical leads -the plastics SpRs were fantastic. I think the course in general was very good

Abdul-Kasim Nassimizadeh
The University Of Birmingham

I am so glad that I took this course.The lectures, the material & other sessions have been both informative and inspiring.

Isabela Bertoni
The Hull York Medical School

The course was fantastic and the committee members are very friendly and helpful.

Zeyad Sako
Royal College Of Surgeons In Ireland

Very friendly & helpful people in the organisation. Very informative lectures. I would very much like to attend such events again in the future

Dania Morhij
University Of Glasgow

Good! I think it’s best to do the summer school in your 2nd/3rd year so you will have enough time left to work on the things you’ve taken home

Linda Van Diermen
Medical School Outside The United Kingdom

Academic teaching sessions were interesting but it was difficult to pitch them at a level suitable for all. Overall, well organised,informative and relevant.

Natalie James
The Hull York Medical School

Well organised, ran like clockwork. Teaching varied but the Gaussian distribution of quality is to be expected.

Nikhil Prasad
Universities Of Bristol

Excellent faculty of Doctors! I made some good contacts! Very well organised & the lectures regarding career development were most useful. The lecture regarding portfolios was quite difficult to digest.

Samed Talibi
Universities Of Bristol

Very informative & opened me up to a whole array of new sub specialties that I wasn’t sure of before which I can now explore over the rest of my medical schools career. Thanks!

Hammaad Khalil
University Of Liverpool

Great organisation.Excellent standard of teaching

Jemma Boyle
The University Of Manchester


From all aspects the experience was excellent ,especially the practical workshops.

Mr John Bondin
University of Malta

It was a great experience. It will certainly help me to achieve my future career.

Ms Stefania Abdilla
University of Malta


Great course, it was well organized, lectures were from top class doctors or academics… It was an extraordinary event for me, thank you to everyone at Doctors Academy!

Mr Antoni Okninski
Medical University of Warsaw, Poland

All teaching was great…and the practical section were brilliant.Keep up the great work!

Ms Maria Angela Grima
University of Malta

I think the workshop were fantastic and the days about the specialties were excellent too.Everyone was very friendly and now i have a better understanding of what i wish to do in my future .

Ms Yasmine Karachiwala
University of Dundee


Words can’t express my happiness and my satisfaction of the summer school as a whole and the organizing committee specifically .It was worth every pound and every effort even though i was fasting but your kindness let me feel nothing. Thanks a lot!

Mr Ihab Jameel
University of Khartoum, Sudan

The organization by Doctors Academy was wonderful . I was very impressed with the teaching skill and the patience of all the doctors.This was a great experience .Learn a lot and will never forget the good time in England!.

Ms Giulia Maria Smylie

Very well organized,friendly people ,very helpful.. great social programme. Very glad that i attended.

Ms Katharina Lederer
Charite Berlin, Germany

I think that the lectures were organized very well and helped me decide on my career path. Thank you!

Ms Rebecca Galea
University of Malta

A very good insight on how to develop and excel in your chosen career.

Mr Mohammad Sohaib Sarwar
University of Bristol

The course provided much advice and guidance that is lacking in the UK medical schools. I feel I am now more equipped to start developing my portfolio and choosing a specialty. Thank you every one .

Ms Katherine Hull
University of Leicester


This course was amazing!.I had a great time, obtained crucial knowledge for my future medical career.What is more, the organizers are so kind and full of energy. I recommend this summer school to everybody!!This course gave me wings for my future career. Not only did I gain new medical experience, I had an wonderful social experience as well .I met people from all over the world and got to compared education in my country with and the education pathways in there countries.

Ms Tea Ferenc
University of Zagreb,Croatia

Impress event and its the most interesting event in my life.I advise everyone to take the step and to attend the school.

Mr Mahmoud Ahmed
Medical School at Cairo University, Egypt


It was a good course which was very helpful and the quality and dedication of the speakers/doctors was amazing. Fantastic event. Excellent info provided, some very inspirational speakers -has really motivated me in my pursuit for a career in medicine and the ACCS  program-Thank You

Ms Danielle Cowlin
University of Manchester

Great event. Very good in all aspects. Glad I came half way across the world!

Ms Firtanty Tasya Andriami Syahputri
Universitas Indonesia


The organization was perfect.I loved all activities especially laparoscopy and surgical skills,but the others were very interesting too .I want to thank you all of you, I am very proud to make this summer school .I’ve met a lot of people and now I have more new friends from all parts of Europe/World…Great social events… see you next year!

Mr Cataldo Pinzino
University of Medicine and Surgery of Palermo, Italy


Organization very good…Teaching and presentations excellent.Socials good and cheap tickets,faculty superb!.Overall this was an excellent course, extremely informative, great fun and great way to talk to teaching professionals. Thank you!

Ms Helen Cartwright
University of Birmingham

Well organized .Quite a young organization team but with a great potential and i’m most certain it has a brilliant future. The teaching was fantastic …The course was just amazing, Thank you so much.

Ms Stephanie de Bono
University of Malta

Workshops were extremely useful. Would be good if there could be 2 days for workshops. Great experience

Mr Ayman Saeed
Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

Everything was awesome, you guys rock!

Mr Kasra Afzali
Tehran University of Medical Sciences

I loved it. I think it is a very relevant career enhancing opportunity. I left there inspired and also with my love for medicine rekindled and bolstered. I had a difficult year and I was seriously questioning whether to leave the (medicine) course but the summer school helped me rediscover why I applied in the first place and I am returning next year to pursue my fourth year with more determination and vigor than ever.

Ms Maria Grazia Grech
University of Malta, Malta

The summer school was great! Good organization, excellent topics and teaching. I have really appreciated (the) workshops. 

Mrs Barbara Michelin
University of Padua, Italy

The teachers were all very passionate about their subject, which made listing to them so easy and everything they said seemed interesting. Having those passionate teachers was a big, BIG plus! I loved meeting new people from all over the world and learning about their medical educational system. All in all, I LOVED the whole week and wouldn’t have missed it for the world!

Ms Kaat Janssen
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium

I recommend this Summer school because it gives Medical students the possibility to learn practical skills and to understand something more about all the specialties of Medicine. Social events were well organised and enjoyable, they gave the possibility to socialize with students from other countries. It has been very interesting and interactive.

Miss Annalisa Comandatore
Medicine a churgia di Pisa to University of Pisa, Italy

I really liked the wide availability of each organizer. The most important issue for me was the opportunity given to me to compare myself with the opportunity to continue my studies in the UK. The anatomy challenge is a very interesting initiative, it is very useful to go over many anatomical concepts. 

Mr Germano Ferri
Sapienza University of Rome, Italy

The summer school was excellent overall. It was an amazing experience. Keep it up!

Mr Jonathan Grech
University of Malta, Malta

I think almost all the lectures/classes were very useful. I learned a lot of things I didn’t know yet! 

Miss Eline Vermeiren
University of Antwerp, Belgium

Excellent. It was an excellent overall (summary) of what’s been happening in Medicine today. Also it gives the opportunity to see different specialties and also experiences showing us what a doctor can do is limitless. I loved it!

Ms Ana Rita Pinto Medeiros
University of Lisbon, Portugal

Medical summer school was well organized, informative and beyond expectation . thank you in advance for giving us this great opportunity to improve our knowledge. The debate topics were perfectly chosen, and structured very well, and gave us a great opportunity to share our opinion. The anatomy challenge competition was excellent.

Miss Anwar Ahmed
Batterjee Medical College

It was a really good experience and very helpful. I have the best impression for the summer school. Very good organisation from your team, all the doctors(speakers) were really professional and experienced. I really liked the workshops because you could learn many things and they were fully equipped.Definitely I am thinking to come again.

Mr Dimitrios Vasilakis
Sofia Medical University, Bulgaria

It was very well organised and flowing. It most certainly exceeded my expectations. All the tutors and leaders were very friendly and helpful. It was a week which surely broadened my horizons and made me more aware of what lies ahead and also gave me a better idea of the different medical specialties. Meeting people and future doctors from all over the globe is simply amazing. What an experience! In Maltese we say, Prosit (well done)!!

Mr Luca Andrea Borg
University of Malta, Malta

The teachers and organizers were very enthusiastic and helpful. There were some very interesting lectures on the programme such as the lecture about publishing, that I am sure I will use later in my career.

Miss Magalie Van Loo
University of Ghent Belgium

Very good and unique summer school. 

Mr Brecht Patrick Decraene
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium

It was well-organised, useful, and everyone was very friendly and helpful.

Miss Laura Katrien Peeters
University of Antwerp, Belgium

My overall impression about the summer school was excellent. The presentation and the teaching were very useful for my personal career and I enjoyed a lot the social events.

Miss Giulia Baroni
University of Padua, Italy

Staff were very friendly, organisation was excellent and lectures and workshops were very interesting. I learned a lot during this summer school. The social events were very nice! They were the ideal occasion to meet lots of new people and to have fun. The organisation of the social events was also excellent.

Miss Lotte Cuyx
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium

The IMSS is very well organised and all the team is suited as well as an IMS could imagine. Teaching activity was incredibly interesting and balanced within the specialties. . The IMSS, at the end, helped me – and lots of my colleagues – (to) understand the future of the specialty I chose and what I’m in going to do in my life. Before I came there I had been thinking a lot about what I really needed to understand (for) my future and (for me) IMSS is the best event in the world for a med student to do this.

Mr Leonardo Tariciotti
Sapienza University of Rome, Italy

Organisation, teaching, presentation and relevance of the summer school were very good. The staff were really kind.

Miss Carlotta La Raja
University of Padua, Italy

Overall it was a great experience to attend the summer school. I’ll remember it for a long time as a really nice time with lots of new people I’ve met. Also the skills i’ve learnt may come very well in hand, some of the skills we never  learnt in medical school so far, so that may come in handy some day! Social events were great! Not only to meet new people from over the whole world but also to connect with people from your own country. E.g., we were with a lot of Belgians at the summer school without knowing all of them, now I know all of them who were there present at the socials, really nice to meet some students from the other universities from our country! Also the team who organised the socials were very nice and kind. Special thanks to them for the great  organisation and the wonderful  evenings!

Miss Lieselot Potums
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium

The summer school was very well organised. Teaching and presentations were up to standard on the whole. It was really relevant to my career. A lovely experience indeed! (Social events) provided us with the opportunity to get to know more and interact with the other students attending the course. The debate was very interesting and there was ample time for discussion. 

Miss Michela Galea
University of Malta, Malta

I attended this International Medical Summer School in Manchester because as a fifth year medical student I wanted to find inspiration and motivation to pursue my goal. I found extraordinary people and professor(s) that motivate me to push myself over and over. Certainly, I would suggest all my colleague(s) and medical staff to join in, in order to broaden their minds and update themselves. Medicine is always changing so it is our responsibility to update (ourselves) and this International Medical Summer School helped me to achieve that goal.

Mr Ezio Giulio Landi
Vasile Goldis Western University of Arad, Romania

Overall I was really satisfied with the outcome. Everyone was friendly and the material given was user friendly. Everything was well-planned and enjoyed it till the end. 

Ms Marie Claire Farrugia
University of Malta, Malta

The event was absolutely perfect for me: schedule, organisation, teaching, workshops…Organisation team, they were always looking (out) for our comfort, so congratulations to all of them!

Miss Zurine Raquel Reyes Angullo
Autonomous University of Madrid, Spain

It was such a perfect experience, the kindness of every single tutor, all these brilliant workshops and lectures and the perfect organisation shared with amazing people from all over the world. I will never forget it, it was great thank you.

Miss Domiziana Pedini
University of Perugia, Italy

We were really very well cared for and I felt included and wanted to be involved. A first one for me. It was very interesting and informative.

Ms Doreen Cutajar
University of Malta, Malta

It is a nice team of people, all very friendly. A fun mix of students and physicians, surgeons… The workshops were the most fun part.

Miss Margot Claire Sofie Wouters
University of Antwerp, Belgium

To me, as a medical student in Italy, being able to attend this course and see all of those workshops that I could never see before has been such a great and unique experience. Meeting different cultures and uniting them with this programme is a great idea. Thanks to you and to your idea

Mr Fabrizio Mattu
University of Cagliari, Italy

Excellent experience. Fantastic speakers & great workshops. A most valuable experience!

Mrs Samantha Mc Kenzie Stancu
Carol Davila University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Romania

It was a good experience and an great exposure to meet medical students from different parts of the world. I learnt something new and informative. Most of all thanks for this great opportunity and hope you keep doing this so many more can benefit!

Ms Harshini Asogan
Oman Medical College,Oman

The summer school was well organised. The organizing committee anticipated for any delays or mishaps in the programme, which was great. There were many great speakers invited to come and talk to us. I think the summer school gives us a good mix of everything, both theoretical knowledge as well as practical skills. It was definitely motivating and interesting. I think the Summer school is definitely relevant since medicine is such (a) broad field and it gives medical student(s) a good overall impression of the field they are interested in. It also provides useful information on topics such as publishing, which is relevant to pretty much every medical student nowadays. Overall just a great well rounded programme to attend.

Miss Myrna Valentina Tan
Leiden University Medical Center, Netherlands

The event was organised very well. It was really a full immersion and it gave me more inspiration than knowledge, and inspiration is what normal universities often lack.

Mr Fabrizio Papa
Università degli Studi di Catania, Italy

Overall the event was well planned and well organised, the organizers and helpers were really friendly and helpful – keep it up!!! I found this summer school worth attending since I did learn some new things that up till now I didn’t. I would still recommend it to other medical students, especially those who are about to start their clinical years.Thank you 🙂

Ms Maria Ciantar
University of Malta, Malta


I really enjoyed the Summer School, much more than I expected! I also learnt a lot from the summer school, I already recommended it to many of friends which (have) already decided that they are going to attend the Summer School next year! It was very relevant to me (a student who is going to start my clinical years this September). The Summer School was also very well organised. 

Mr Peter Cassar
University of Malta, Malta

Workshops were very instructive and stimulating, though. My favorite one was the suturing workshop, definitely the most stimulating for me. Teaching overall was really good. I had the chance to listen to many inspired and motivating surgeons and doctors. What I found most motivating for me and my career was to really know what a professional’s life looks like. Listening to what drove them to become doctors was really stimulating. I also had the chance to know some specialties better. Definitely would recommend. Really cool, had the chance of meeting many great people. Also having the chance of spending part of the night with the Summer School Team was great. All of you were really cool guys. 

Mr Andrea Jacopo Naccarato
University of Padua, Italy

Everything was incredible! I liked a lot the organisation from the leaders. I loved the social programs. I really enjoyed the course. Congratulations! 

Miss Valeria Nicole Mera
Universidad De Guadalajara,Mexico

I have no further comments about the organisation: it was close to perfection. The activities were on time, the stream leaders had everything under control and knew where we’d have to head. It was also important to understand how the education system and medical practice works in all of these different countries. It was an unforgettable experience and valuable both personally and for the curriculum.

Miss Beatriz Pereira Bettencourt Viúla
Autonomous University of Madrid, Spain

The summer school was a great experience, it introduces you to the way medicine is practiced in foreign countries, personally, I found the publications lecture very insightful, due to the fact that I had never been told how important publications are in the field of medicine. Apart from that, the workshops were very well organised and suited towards the chosen specialties. The equipment provided during the surgical workshops were of a high standard. 

Mr Jean Luc Portelli
University of Malta, Malta

It was very well organised, and so varied – there was something to interest everyone. It was not just in the structure of formal lecture, but hands on and interactive which I loved!  

Miss Rebecca Stoner
Mater Dei Hospital, Malta

I found the whole organization of the summer school very impressive! The quality of the presentations was extremely good and the teaching part was very effective. I found all people from the organizing committee very friendly and willing to help. Generally it was a very inspiring experience! I would recommended it for sure!! 

Miss Maria Antonios Nikou
Sofia Medical University, Bulgaria

I really enjoyed the summer school. The best days were Tuesday and Wednesday. The workshops were excellent and very relevant. The lectures were very good as well. It was organised really well. 

Mr Jean-Luc Paris
Mater Dei Hospital, Malta

The summer school was all we expected it to be. Very well structured and based on what the fact that we all need a look into each specialty and get a taste of what life includes when you are actually working. Overall it was very inspiring and motivating and for me the best way to spend part of my summer break. All the lecturers had something unique to share and the insight we all got was priceless.

Miss Lefkothea Zacharopoulou
Sofia Medical University, Bulgaria


I really liked the Summer School. My main objective was to get a better idea of the different surgeries and you succeeded! Everyone was very friendly and there was an excellent balance between University/leisure

Mr Anthony Timmerman
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium

Very well organised. Brilliant speakers and great opportunity to get a first taste of surgical skills practice and other technical skills. Very funny at times as well so had lots of laughs.  

Miss Sahra Haji
University of Malta, Malta

I enjoyed the summer school in every aspect. The organisation was excellent, the teaching very inspiring and all the people of organisation very kind. It is exciting to share the same passion for medicine with people from all over the world.

Miss Carmen Speciale
University of Bari Aldo Moro, Italy

The entire organisation, presentation and way of teaching was impeccable! I think the summer medical school is a perfect excuse to improve your knowledge and at the same time meet new colleges and friends from all (over) the world, plus you can compare yourself with others.

Miss Clara Zaffora
Vasile Goldis Western University of Arad, Romania

There is a very stimulating atmosphere in the Summer School, I felt very motivated! All is professionally organised, teachers and organizers are very competent and friendly! I felt like home and I have learned not only notions, I received life advice. I am always more confident about how beautiful it is to became a doctor!








Miss Pamela Proietti
Sapienza University of Rome, Italy

Very great experience. Friendly and helpful staff and organizers. The lectures and the workshops provide a great value of learning. 

Miss Njood Waleed Nazer
King Abdulaziz University Hospital, Saudi Arabia

It was a very good experience, I learned a lot about practical skills (in my country they are not very well taught),and I came home with will of studying and learning, which in my opinion is a really good feedback. Lectures were very interesting too, not very specific but fair enough, I enjoyed the fact that lectures were so interactive. 

Miss Beatrice Mazzucco
University of Turin, Italy


Well done to all the team of Doctors Academy for the wonderful week packed with activities that they organised.The lectures were in general very interesting and to the point. With regards to workshops, they were also very well delivered with individual attention. 

Miss Maria Mizzi
University of Malta, Malta


At first, it was an experience which I applied to simply to get an extra line in my CV. However, this week provided me with great fun, experience and information which made it hugely exceed my expectations. The anatomy challenge was also very fun. The last talk was also extremely touching. 10/10 overall! 

Mr Daniel Lawrence Fiott
University of Malta, Malta

The Summer School was very well organised and all the subject matter was taught in a very professional manner.It also shed some light as to where our medical career can take us in the future.

Mr Glenn Costa
University of Malta, Malta

The summer school was excellently organised making it more enjoyable for us students. The week offered a valuable insight into different paths that we as future doctors could take, that would surely impact the students who attended. The workshops were very useful as they provided practical skills that are relevant to our line of work.

Mr Luc Fiorini
University of Malta, Malta

I really enjoyed the summer school. It was fantastic and it was very well organised. I also liked the fact that there was a drop in stream 

Mr Anil Kamalakar Velivela
Carol Davila University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Romania

This was my second time attending the summer school. The overall organisation was excellent. The quality of the presentations was excellent. The tutors and all staff were interactive and friendly. I really enjoy the concept of the summer school and my experiences have been most relevant for my future career. 

Mrs Samantha Mc Kenzie Stancu
Carol Davila University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Romania

The summer school is of great relevance. Since I am still a pre clinical student, what I enjoyed most were the clinical skills as I could savour what I will be doing in the near future. 

Ms Justine Pearson
University of Malta, Malta

Very organised programme. I enjoy certain presentations very much and I found some workshops extremely helpful. 

Miss Aspasia Antonopoulou
University of Patras,Greece

The summer school was a great opportunity to meet new people of the same field from all over the world. It was amazing how passionate each individual I’ve met is about their course. 

Miss Azreena Burukan
Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland

My overall experience was great. It was such a pleasant experience to attend the summer school. I am actually very much considering attending it again in the future.

Mr Abdullah Kamal Ahmad
University of Malta, Malta


Overall the experience was mesmerising; the level of organisation and teaching was shockingly good in n course where everyone helped during their free time. Such professional hardworking individuals are what encourages me to return to the UK and work there. Especially after seeing the political decline of the NHS and the profession in general. Would love to be back next year to help organise!

Mr Arnoldas Kincius
Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, Lithuania

Overall, the summer school was fantastic. However, I think it would be nice if its duration was longer than 5 days. 

Mr Saleh Oore-Ofe Apempe
Stavropol State Medical University,Russia

Amazing experience. Good teaching and faculty. Highly informative lectures. 

Mr Suvansh Raj Nirula
Hamdard Institute Of Medical Sciences and Research, Jamia Hamdard University, New Delhi,India

The event run very well organized, I got so much information both from lecture and clinical course. Great atmosphere and value for money! 

Miss Rizka Kurnia Gemilang
YARSI University, Indonesia

Everything was good organised, which you can expect because it is the 8th year they do it I think. Teaching was very good, they were patient and tried to answer every question. 

Mr Thibaut Van Den Bossche
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium

Summer school was a great experience. Made a lot of friends around the world, learned a lot of new skills. Tutors were so friendly and helpful. Teaching activities are organised well and interesting. Definitely worth the price and the distance traveled! 

Ms Belladina Maharani Putri
Pelita Harapan University, Indonesia

The place which we can find a good experience for international medical students. We can share our particular knowledge, learn more the medical things and communicate to expand our relation with others in this summer school.

Miss Ranim Abdulbasit Andijani
King Abdulaziz University Hospital, Saudi Arabia

It was awesome. The skills activity was so amazing. 

Miss Nadya Noor Mulya Putri
YARSI University, Indonesia

Organisation: fantastic. I think this was a real strong element that carried the event forward. Especially during the first 3 days. Teaching: the standard of teaching was fantastic, especially during the practical sessions. Some of the talks were also very interesting and unique to the summer school. Special mentions to Dr. Wong and the ENT team. Presentation: The events presentation was professional but very friendly. The presentation of the lecturers was mostly superb. Overall, the event was fantastic and I would recommend others going to it again!

Mr Christian James William Grimes
University of Southampton UK

It was organized very good. Everything from lectures, breaks, social events went smoothly. In my opinion, it was very good, as I got to learn new things and at the same time repeat already learned things (anatomy …). All in all,I found the summer school as very good and would gladly recommend it to others.

Miss Patricija Rajšp
University of Maribor, Slovenia

The skills I have learned and information I gleamed plus the motivation I have gathered were all absolutely fantastic. The organization was extremely smooth.




Mr Mohamed Galal
Mansoura Manchester Medical Programme, Egypt

Very helpful and organized.

Miss Maryam Samee


I’m really happy I participated in this summer school. I have learnt a lot and it motivated me once more to become the best doctor I can be. The organisation was excellent. Thank you so much. Also for making it so affordable and high quality at the same time! I missed that in other summer schools!  

Mrs Ellen Van Houtven
University of Antwerp, Belgium

So good organization. 

Amr Ramadan mohamed Ahmed
Al Azhar Medical School,Cairo,Egypt

I found this course to be quite enlightening both from an academic point of view as well as a social aspect since I was able to meet other foreign medical students and learn their points of view about certain aspects. 

Mr Daniel Desira
University of Malta, Malta


What was particularly striking was the approach ability and friendliness of the organizers which made this event particularly enjoyable. Moreover, everything I attended was very interesting and relevant to my studies. It gave me a quick overview of all the different specialties I was interested in and helped me to form new friendships which are also extremely important. 


Ms Maria Andria Barbara
University of Malta, Malta


The summer school has given me wider horizon and has made me know the parts in my life I need to improve. It’s a great platform and I’m sure I would attend this a second or third time even.


Miss Faeren Matilda Adzege
Stavropol State Medical University, Russia

The experience exceeded my expectations; there was an excellent range of topics taught. Although my topics of interest spanned more than 1 stream, I feel that I learnt so much because there were still sessions everyone could attend for example BLS & ALS. It was really great getting to know other medical students from around the world


Ms Esther Oluseyi Bamigboye
Barts and the London School of Medicine & Dentistry, United Kingdom

It provided me with good education and the staff there was very kind and respectful.

Ms Fatima Saleh Rajab
Ibn Sina National College for Medical Studies, Saudi Arabia

I really liked the workshops. I think it was the most interesting think in the summer school. I liked the presentation very much.  

Miss Nefeli Zerva
National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece



8th International Medical Summer School 2016 was amazing experience I ever had. I got too much knowledge’s,new experiences, and I got insight about future specialty that I want to choose, and I’m increasingly convinced to be pediatrician. I am very glad to this organisation that has established a summer program that should be maintained.

Miss Rufaida Mudrika Zirwandi
YARSI University, Indonesia

Everything was so good.

Miss Ayse Albayrak
Vasile Goldis Western University of Arad, Romania

The summer school was an enjoyable experience, very well organized, and all organizers were very friendly and helpful. The university is nice, definitely a place I would want to study in. 

Ms Farah Haytham Alasadi
King Abdulaziz University Hospital, Saudi Arabia

Very good very organised and really fun overall. 

Mr Jonathan Richard Young
University of Malta, Malta

Polite, friendly, helpful committee and organisation, you always tried to do your best- thank you for that!

Miss Hannah Maria Bartl
Medical University of Graz, Austria

Everybody were very kind.

Miss Eleonora Sabetta
Sapienza University of Rome, Italy


Ms Sara Abdullah Bin-salman
Ibn Sina National College for Medical Studies, Saudi Arabia

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